This pandemic has upended all plans for grandiose gatherings and ceremonies. Hence finding small places to have a wedding is the way to go! The current situation has not only adversely affected the global economy, but also has forced people to plan a small intimate wedding, which isn’t a bad thing. We didn’t realize it up until we came across some great small wedding ideas planned at some small wedding venues for 20 guests. Weddings may have shrunk in size, but it’s still in your hands to go big on the fun quotient. Keeping the safety and sanitization guidelines in mind, small places to have a wedding are easy to manage. So that’s a big plus too. If it’s a yes from your side on a small wedding, then let us open the pandora box of venues in the city of your choice. We are counting down some cities where we can get small wedding ideas on a budget, and where you won’t have to worry about anything but being a part of your big day. And we promise not to let you down when it comes to the choices of venues available in every city. Shall we begin with our blog in small places to have a wedding