Sangeet Decoration

So the wedding is almost here and the functions have already begun. We have the friends and family at the gates and the entire atmosphere is filled with fun and laughter and a bit of emotional too afterall it is a wedding going on here!

It is the sangeet night today and we can feel the rush in our veins. Today people are changing their methods for hosting the occasions. Presently they need to get things done in their own style. Some prefer door to door shopping and some prefer online shopping for everything. When it comes to finding styled sangeet themes that suit the most to your taste is the prime focus of Vuthsavham Events’ team. Couples are selecting different styles for each ceremony and sangeet night is made especially grand. So what are the options available? Well let us explore today. 

The styles at weddings are experiencing redesigning with straightforward components loaning a lot more to the look and feel of the function. From pixie lights, eccentric signages to disco balls and the sky is the limit from there.

1) Light Up Your Venue With Fairy Lights, Bulbs and Candles -Light adds such a great amount of show to the setting and add shimmer to your photographs. 

2) Kalire Chandelier – The customary kaliras are never simply your wedding adornment, add them to your sangeet stylistic theme and make it look otherworldly! 

3) Hanging Dhol – Dhol makes a setting look fuller and progressively bubbly. Hanging kalash with assorted flowers looks amazing. 

4) Mirror Floor And Hanging Disco Balls- This looks very great and is in the latest trends. 

5) Bulbs- Having bulbs make the stage look dynamic.

6) pickle jar decorative- The containers utilized by our grand moms to keep the pickles are presently utilized as focal decorative in the sangeet night decorations. They give a vintage look to your style and make it an ideal highlight by adding flowers to it.


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